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What a week… A U.S. secretary of state has died, a Supreme Court justice is facing scandal, the violence in Ukraine and Yemen continues, and COVID is surging again across the Atlantic, spelling possible disaster to come. In trying times, honest reporting is essential. That is what we at OptOut are bringing to you in these newsletters and the iOS app each day. The app is live on the Apple App Store, and we hope you are enjoying all of your favorite independent media outfits under one roof without the noise, frustration, and misinformation of social media. The Android app is coming very soon!

Without further ado, here are a few highlights from our participating media outlets:

Jacobin has a piece examining the career of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who passed away this week. The piece highlights her role in fostering U.S. imperialism and charges that she “is a killer.” Avoid the hagiographic retellings of Albright’s life and read this article!

Madeleine Albright Was a Killer
Madeleine Albright has died at 84. She was a pioneering imperialist who passionately advocated greater use of deadly violence in pursuit of a US-dominated post–Cold War global order — and killed many, many people in the process.
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Injustice Watch teamed up with The Chicago Tribune for a revealing report about Illinois’ undocumented population and the struggles it faces with healthcare access and housing. The Illinois Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults program was designed to provide care to undocumented immigrants, but it has serious pitfalls in terms of guaranteeing long-term or chronic care.

New health care program leaves many undocumented seniors behind
The Illinois program doesn’t cover long-term care, a dangerous pitfall for some of the most vulnerable undocumented seniors.
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Matt Stoller has a new post in his newsletter, BIG, about a recent dismissal order in a case involving Amazon. Stoller delves into the company’s predatory practices surrounding Prime—how the company keeps prices high for consumers by pressuring its vendors—and explains why the judge’s order makes no sense. A must-read!

Judges Behaving Badly: Amazon Antitrust Suit Dismissed
It was a good week for Amazon, with the firm also closing on the MGM merger. But the antitrust meat grinder goes on.
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Who What Why has an explainer on the new Securities and Exchange Commission proposal that would compel public companies to disclose the risks they face from greenhouse gas emissions and climate change to their shareholders. The added transparency promises to hasten the shift to renewable energy and green practices.

SEC Climate Rule Would Force Companies to Disclose Emissions - WhoWhatWhy
In a landmark move that has the support of environmental groups and trillion-dollar asset managers alike, the SEC wants to require companies to disclose their climate risks and carbon emissions.
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CounterPunch reports on how despite promising a fairer and more humane immigration system, the Biden administration is continuing the cruel patterns of previous administrations. Customs and Border Patrol released a guide to border policies that reuses a formula for punishment that has been used by previous administrations.

Cruelty as Border Policy: the Biden Version
In June 2021, U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued a guide to determine the effectiveness and cost efficiency of the punishments meted out to
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Sludge has a big story about how a pharma-backed “dark money” group is helping conservative House Democrat Kurt Schrader in a competitive primary against Jamie McLeod-Skinner. The group, Center Forward, spent $300,000 on the race.

Pharma Lobbyist-Run Group Places $300k Ad Buy for Kurt Schrader
The dark-money group Center Forward, which is buying the ads, has received millions from the pharmaceutical industry in recent years.
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The Lever, formerly The Daily Poster, had a scoop about Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The former progressive presidential candidate is holding up a handout to semiconductor chip manufacturers that President Biden and congressional Democrats are trying to pass. Sanders is demanding a provision in the legislation to ensure the money actually gets spent shoring up domestic manufacturing.

Bernie Takes Aim At Microchip Company Giveaways
Sen. Bernie Sanders (Ind.-Vt.) has given his Senate colleagues and President Joe Biden an ultimatum on a proposed $53 billion giveaway to microchip companies: hold a vote on amendments requiring the companies receiving the subsidies to spend them on domestic manufacturing or lose Sanders’ vote, whic…
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Eoin Higgins of The Flashpoint interviewed journalist Carol Schaeffer (@thencarolsaid on Twitter), who is reporting from Poland.

Carol took a reporting trip to Lviv last week—we discuss that story, as well as her on the ground investigation into what, exactly, accused domestic terrorist and former lawmaker Matt Shea is doing with over 60 Ukrainian children in Poland and the refugee crisis.

Listen: Callin | Apple | Spotify

Also check out Higgins’ recent article about the effects of funding cuts to schools during the protracted pandemic.

Tim Black analyzes the problem with John Stewart’s interview about race with Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.).

Thanks as always for following the OptOut independent media network! See you later this week.

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