Open positions at the OptOut Media Foundation.

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Climate Editor

OptOut is hiring a part-time climate editor for the rest of 2022! The position will require 2-5 hours per week at $40/hour. We are a small, scrappy organization transitioning from volunteer to paid work, so we hope to raise enough money to increase hours and expand the role of our climate editor over time. We intend for this position to continue into 2023 and beyond.

The climate editor will work with OptOut's executive director on a newsletter and other important parts of OptOut's nascent climate program.

Job duties

  • Write a climate-focused newsletter every two weeks including an introduction and analysis of general climate/energy news and a roundup of climate coverage from OptOut network outlets.
  • Learn our backend system, where you will find relevant content.
  • Join our news curation team: you'll begin with one 30-minute shift per week selecting content to highlight in the OptOut app.
  • Help identify, evaluate, and contact news outlets focused on climate that may be a good fit for the OptOut network.

Job requirements

  • A deep knowledge of climate issues, history of reporting on climate, and a passion for fighting climate change.
  • You share OptOut's collective vision for independent media: for a more informed public we must challenge the dominance of corporate and legacy media, and as small independent news outlets, we must do this together.
  • Ability to write with your unique personality and style.
  • Ability to write clean copy.
  • Sharp attention to detail.
  • Exceptional reliability.

See OptOut's general newsletter for examples of our format.

People from historically marginalized communities are strongly encouraged to apply. Please send your resume, two relevant examples of your writing, and a brief cover letter (two paragraphs max) to

The deadline to apply is Tuesday, July 26.


OptOut began as an entirely volunteer organization, and some core members of our team still work as volunteers. We are always eager to bring more volunteers into our project. If you're interested in helping with any aspect of OptOut, please let us know at