On this episode of OptOutcast, I sit down with Nick Cunningham, Gas Outlook’s North American correspondent, to talk about Howe Sound, a UNESCO biosphere reserve in British Columbia that is being threatened by a liquified natural gas (LNG) initiative.

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Nick spent months investigating the Woodfibre LNG project and how it is affecting Squamish, a community that was once a mining and logging town but which recently managed to restore the local environment, bringing back herrings and even whales. Now, Woodfibre may set the efforts back. The project that hopes to export gas to Asia is years behind schedule, its costs have ballooned, and its fate remains up in the air—bringing health, safety, and environmental risks.

Nick is the North American correspondent for Gas Outlook, where he covers the gas industry, energy and climate policy, and the energy transition. He has reported on the oil and gas industry for more than ten years, reporting from Washington, D.C., Appalachia, the U.S. Gulf Coast, the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and Argentina.

Gas Outlook is an OptOut News participant that provides insightful and incisive content about the energy transition of oil and gas companies and countries globally. It seeks to bridge the gap between climate news and the fossil fuel industry, and serve as a resource for companies, policymakers, and all those invested in the energy transition.

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