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If you still haven’t checked the latest Global South Corner, where  I spoke with Chilean climate journalist Francisco Parra about the wildfires that scorched the country in February, check it out on our Instagram.


A ceasefire in Gaza is long overdue. Besides the obvious humanitarian reasons, you can add the climate crisis to the mix. Israel’s U.S.-backed war is worsening the crisis, The Nation reports. It has increased planet-warming emissions, particularly through Israel’s bombardment and American flights with military supplies. It has strengthened Big Oil, which is taking advantage of the global disarray. Perhaps most importantly, it has disrupted geopolitics, threatening the already complex and fragile international cooperation required to address climate change.

Meanwhile, food prices have been increasing globally as a consequence of the climate crisis. According to Source NM, new research shows that the so-called “heatflation” could drive up prices up to three percent per year around the world, threatening food accessibility. That prospect of food price hikes is particularly concerning considering that global methane emissions are actually at least three times higher than the official estimates, as Gas Outlook reports.

Yet, politicians are still siding with Big Oil–and that includes Democrats, who have been working to undo the very few climate wins of the Biden government. For example, they are pushing back on the pause to new LNG initiatives, The Lever reports. But to end on a positive note, in Utah, the coal and oil state, voters are increasingly concerned with the climate crisis, which has been motivating candidates to address it in their campaigns, Grist reports.

If you want to know more about how important climate change is for voters across the U.S., check out this episode of Your Call Podcast.

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Around the World

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