Before the Norfolk Southern train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio—causing a massive explosion, hours of hazardous chemicals burning, and emergency evacuations—the company helped kill a federal safety rule aimed at upgrading the rail industry’s Civil War-era braking systems.

What's more, President Biden's Department of Transportation still hasn't made any moves to revive the proposed safety rule.

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Perhaps taking cues from Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg, who was mum on the disaster for days, corporate and legacy media hardly covered the still-unfolding environmental debacle. But the financially independent news outlets in the OptOut network have been reporting on the disaster since it happened. For example:

THE LEVER: “There Will Be More Derailments”

UNICORN RIOT: ‘Like the Doors of Hell Were Open’: East Palestine Train Disaster Casts Toxic Cloud Over Future of OH/PA Region

GRIST: The Ohio train derailment underscores the dangers of the plastics boom

STATUS COUP: Toxic Ohio Train Derailment in East Palestine - Dead Animals, Rail Company Offers $5 Per Resident

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