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I’m Amanda Magnani, a Brazilian (photo)journalist and OptOut News’ climate editor. Every other week, I bring you the most important climate news from our network—with an extra serving of decolonial perspectives. ✨🌿

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As last Friday was International Women’s Day, before we start, here’s a small reminder from DeSmog that although Big Oil pretends to, they do NOT care about us–in spite of their role in making climate change worse and women more vulnerable everyday.

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If you still haven’t checked the latest Global South Corner, check it out on our Instagram.  I spoke with Chermaine Lee, a climate journalist from Hong Kong, about China’s green plan, its growing coal capacity, and the likelihood of the country still reaching its net-zero goals by 2060.

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If you’ve read my special newsletter two weeks ago, you have probably already been thinking about how this year’s election will mean for the future of climate action. One word: Yikes!

The results of Super Tuesday mean 2020 déjavù: It's Biden versus Trump again. Climate scientists fear what could happen if the latter wins, Grist reports. U.S. citizens will now choose between the Inflation Reduction Act, climate action and renewable energy on one side, and exiting the Paris Agreement and drill, drill, drill on the other. The good news, if any, is that this year, climate change is one of voters’ main concerns, WhoWhatWhy reports.

Meanwhile, in spite of Biden’s halt to liquified natural gas (LNG) permitting, there are eight terminals already operating in the country, endangering the communities around them. Worse, since LNG isn’t under the federal Emergency Planning Community Right to Know Act, like refineries and petrochemical plants, they aren’t legally required to share information about what dangers they pose, Louisiana Illuminator reports.

On a positive note, 2023 saw solar energy hit a milestone not seen since World War II, as it accounted for 23.6 of the 32.4 gigawatts added to the country’s electric grids last year, Grist reports. It’s the first time in decades since renewable energy made up more than half of the U.S. added energy. But before you get too excited, keep in mind that solar represents no more than five percent of the country’s electric mix.

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Decolonizing Climate Change

🌱 “The Ethical Dilemma of Geoengineering & Global Warming,” by Making Contact.

🌱 “Industry poisoned a vibrant Black neighborhood in Houston. Is a buyout the solution?” by Grist.

🌱 “States and tribes scramble to reach Colorado River deals before election,” by Grist.

🌱 “As climate change fractures communities, folklorists help stitch them back together,” by Grist.

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To Lighten Your Heart

💚 “Alba Yruela Captures the Magic of Georgia’s Forests,” by Atmos.

💚 “Climate Comedy Works. Here’s Why,” by Earth Island Journal.

💚 “Love & Climate,” by Brown Girl Green.

💚 “Food Forests Aren’t Just Nourishing. They’re Cool.” by YES! Magazine.

And if your sense of humor is a bit wicked like mine, you will get a good laugh from hearing that Exxon CEO is blaming the public–aka us–for climate change.

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That’s all for now, folks! If you have any questions or suggestions, hit me up at

Obrigada and have a great week!

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