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If you haven’t checked out our latest Global South Corner, in which I spoke with Russian journalist and campaigner Ani Oganesian about what Putin’s reelection means for the climate, you can still find it on our Instagram.

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In other news, in a surprise to  exactly no one, big corporations have been falling short on their climate goals according to a new report from two European nonprofits, Carbon Market Watch and NewClimate Institute. While there have indeed been some minor improvements to their climate commitments, the follow through from companies across major industries has been less than inspiring as Grist reports.

For the 51 corporate giants analyzed for the NewClimate Institute report, the plans to reduce carbon footprint averages 30 percent–much lower than the 43 to 48 percent needed to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Making matters worse, most of the companies are focused exclusively on their own operations and are not doing enough to mitigate the climate impacts of their suppliers, Yale Environment 360 reports.

Meanwhile, carbon capture projects, which have been branded as a climate solution, have been used to pump more oil out of the ground. An investigation by DeSmog has found that these projects are actually helping to extend the lives of oil wells.

On a happier note, however, “attribution science” is an emerging field of climate research making progress toward figuring out exactly how much individual companies have contributed to natural disasters through their emissions. That will enable states to charge companies for the damages they cause, New Jersey Monitor reports.

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And More:

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Decolonizing Climate Change

🌱 “Biden’s environmental justice scorecard offers more questions than answers,” by Grist.

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🌱 “The Republican Plot to Roast Outdoor Workers,” by The New Republic.

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🌱 “Extreme heat in Louisiana’s prisons raises risks for incarcerated,” by Louisiana Illuminator.

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Around the World

Germany: “Bus Drivers Strike with Climate Activists in 57 German Cities,” by Labor Notes.

South Africa: “South Africa turns to gas to ease energy shortages,” by Gas Outlook.

European Union: “The EU’s Secret to Slashing Emissions,” by The Nation.

Colombia: “Arpel-Naturgas Week: Colombia pivots to Venezuelan gas despite offshore bounty,” by Gas Outlook.

Canada: “Yellowknife to Fort McMurray: lessons from the frontlines of Canada’s worst wildfires,” by The Narwhal.

Solomon Islands: “Solomon Islands Tribes Sell Carbon Credits, Not Their Trees,” by Yale Environment 360.

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To Lighten Your Heart

💚 "‘Valuable and largely overlooked:’ Interest in virtual power plants grows”, by NC Newsline.

💚 “Christian Cassiel: A Journey Into Britain’s Forgotten Rainforests,” by Atmos.

💚 “Late winter, early spring snow brought Idaho water supply to normal levels,” by Idaho Capital Sun.

💚 “390 million seedlings: Mora reforestation center sets sights on restoring NM forests,” by Source NM.

💚 “The Latest Artist To Join Spotify? Mother Nature,” by Atmos.

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