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This week’s newsletter is getting to you a bit later than usual, and you can blame Carnaval for that. As a good Brazilian, I was celebrating my favorite holiday wearing costumes and dancing out in the streets under the scorching Sun. So, to apologize, here’s a photo of me enjoying Carnaval in Belo Horizonte!

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In case you’re wondering, the text reads “Not of hunger, not of lithium, Jequitinhonha is the Valley of Arts”. And if you want to understand more of what it’s about, check out this story The Real News Network published last year.

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Last week, for our Global South Corner, I talked to Guyanese climate journalist Vishani Ragobeer about the territorial dispute of the Essequibo region between Guyana and Venezuela, and about what the conflict has to do with Big Oil. You can watch it now on our Instagram. Follow us there and don’t miss out on my next talks with journalists and experts from around the world!


Republicans were not pleased with the Biden administration after it announced a halt to new LNG projects last month. According to Colorado Newsline, GOP House members called a hearing to challenge the decision, arguing that it would undercut the U.S. economy. Democrats responded, arguing that it was about time LNG impacts were reviewed, especially considering that the last time authorizations were updated was in 2018, when the national industry had one-third of its current capacity.

In the meantime, hurricanes have become so strong that the one-to-five intensity scale might no longer be enough to categorize the worst cyclones the world is experiencing. As storms are getting more destructive and deadly, experts are now proposing to add a sixth category, EOS reports. The scale however only considers the speed of the wind, and thus does not communicate the main risk associated with hurricanes, the subsequent floods, Grist reports.

And if you think there are already enough climate deniers around, I have some bad news for you. If Fox News wasn’t enough to heat up the climate debate–pun intended– Canadian conservative influencer Jordan Peterson has just launched the Peterson Academy, an online school for climate denialists, DeSmog reports.

On the bright side, the Inflation Reduction Act is succeeding beyond expectations. According to The New Republic, by 2033 the IRA will cost as much as $428 billion more than expected. While the GOP is losing it and calling the projections a “irresponsible spending pattern,” specialists argue this comes to show that the tax credits are actually encouraging private investments in renewable energy.

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Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day earlier this week, here are some stories to fall in love with!

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And More:

🛢️ “Climate Protesters Shut Down Fossil Fuel Ghoul's Party,” by The Majority Report

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🛢️ “Florida lawmakers try to move aquatic preserve’s boundary to benefit developer,” by Florida Phoenix

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Decolonizing Climate Change

🌱 “Messy Conversations: Rhiana Gunn-Wright on What the Climate Movement Loses When It Excludes Environmental Justice,” by Drilled

🌱 “Poorer Countries Face Heavier Consequences of Climate Change,” by EOS

🌱 “Misplaced Trust: Stolen Indigenous land is the foundation of the land-grant university system. Climate change is its legacy,” by Grist

🌱 “Water Democracies,” by The American Prospect

🌱 “Palestine’s Seeds in Diaspora,” by Atmos


Around the World

🇨🇦Canada: “What matters at Canada’s winter events: fossil fuel sponsors — or ice?” by The Narwhal

🇮🇩Indonesia: “Indonesia election to determine its energy transition future,” by Gas Outlook

🇵🇷Puerto Rico: “As states slash rooftop solar incentives, Puerto Rico extends them,” by Grist

🇬🇧United Kingdom: “UK call for sustainable aviation fuels price support mechanism,” by Gas Outlook

🇬🇱Greenland: “In Icy Greenland, Area Covered by Vegetation Has More Than Doubled in Size,” by Yale Environment 360

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To Lighten Your Heart

💚 “See where 120 orphaned baby bears take shelter as wildfires and drought shrink their habitat,” by The Narwhal

💚 “Minneapolis Solar Nonprofit Is Proving Patience Can Bring Results to Lower-Income Residents,” by Next City

💚 “Award for polar bear photo shows that images of these magnificent creatures have the power to move,” by Alaska Beacon

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