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Monday was National Indigenous People’s Day!  🏹✊🏽🌿 Shout out to all the amazing Indigenous activists who keep fighting for their rights and for the future of our planet! Most importantly, a big ✨THANK YOU✨for consistently being the front line defense, protecting all life against the destruction caused by the climate crisis.

Make sure to check out today’s Decolonizing Climate Change section for a very special–and long–selection of articles, videos and podcasts featuring Indigenous People.

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NYC unprepared for climate disasters 🌿 American Climate Corps

Extreme rains, like those that devastated New York City about two weeks ago, are becoming more common and increasingly dangerous, both in the U.S. and around the world. They are “predictable emergencies,” as City Limits reports–to the point that, by now, there’s hardly any excuse for the clear lack of preparedness from the city.  

As the storm plummeted NYC, Hell Gate reported that municipal employees were ordered into work despite stalled trains and drowning buses. The City reported that migrants in Brooklyn were forced to leave a shelter with nowhere else to go. And while the city hasn’t invested in preparing major climate problems like flooding, it has done its best to flood the streets with police officers, The New Republic reports.

Meanwhile, Biden’s administration has just authorized the creation of the American Climate Corps, a program inspired by the New Deal’s Civilian Conservation Corps. According to Grist, the program is set to hire 20.000 young people, who will work toward energy efficiency and ecosystem restoration.


And More

🛢️ “Eric Adams Is ‘Getting Stuff Done’ on Climate Law — For the Real Estate Lobby," by New York Focus.

🛢️ “Gas, oil companies argue against Oregon’s emission deadlines during Court of Appeals hearing," by Oregon Capital Chronicle.

🛢️ “Saltwater intrusion creates drinking water emergency for southeast Louisiana," by Arkansas Advocate.

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Decolonizing Climate Change

🌱“Why First Nations Bear the Brunt of BC’s Drought," by The Tyee.

🌱 “Indigenizing Our Cities," by The Tyee.

🌱“Mineral claims require First Nations consultation, B.C. Supreme Court rules," by The Narwhal.

🌱“Latin American activists risk their lives to protect water," by Your Call.

🌱“Tribes at odds over drilling ban around ancient Chaco Canyon," by Source NM.

🌱“Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Celebrating 1,000 cultures within the United States," by Colorado Newsline.

🌱“How to Decolonize and Indigenize with Sikowis Nobiss (In Conversation)," by Upstream Podcast.

🌱 “‘Powerlands’: Indigenous Youth Fight Big Oil & Gas Worldwide," by The Laura Flanders Show.

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To Lighten Your Heart

💚“A Coal Mine Turned Garden Is Feeding 2,000 Texans Every Month," by Next City.

💚“Winning the ‘Green Nobel Prize’ for Community-Based Conservation," by Atmos.

💚“Report: The world’s most critical climate target is still within reach," by Grist.


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Obrigada and have a great week!

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