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We wanted to make sure you noticed that today, the OptOut Media Foundation has a new story with Rolling Stone.

The piece, which can be read at Important Context, OptOut's new home for original reporting, highlights how donor-advised funds like Fidelity Charitable, Vanguard Charitable, and Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust have been acting as passthrough organizations for big donors looking to discretely fund anti-vaccine groups.

Using a donor-advised fund (DAF) not only provides anonymity, it also means a tax write-off. See, once the donor gives the money, they transfer legal control of the funds to the DAF sponsor. They then advise on where the money should go. But, here's the kicker: DAF sponsors are not obligated to listen to their client donors.

Yet, major DAF sponors do not have policies in place to screen out anti-vaccine groups.

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America’s Biggest Charities Bankrolled RFK Jr.’s Anti-Vax Outfit
Children’s Health Defense and other groups promoting vaccine misinformation discreetly raked in money from anonymous donors through some of the largest charities in the country
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