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TMI: Unionization saves lives

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who sent hospital patients infected with COVID-19 to nursing homes, leading to mass deaths, blamed health workers for his state’s abysmal nursing home death rate in a July report written with the help of corporate consulting giant McKinsey & Company.

While Cuomo should have blamed himself, he also could have noted gaps in worker unionization. Julia Rock writes about new data showing that unionized nursing homes in New York had mortality rates from COVID-19 30% lower than non-unionized ones. The reason? Access to protective equipment.

The study found that unionized nursing homes had an 11.5 percent higher chance of having access to PPE in the early days of the outbreak than those without unionized workers.

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Also on LABOR and HEALTH:

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Sludge: Bank lobby’s Pro-Tillis ad follows legislative favors from the senator

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North Carolina GOP Sen. Thom Tillis, one of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents up for re-election this year, put deregulatory provisions from the banking industry’s wishlist into the CARES Act. Now the bankers are thanking him by spending half a million dollars on an ad backing his campaign.

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TYT Investigates: EPA set secret deadlines for Oklahoma tribes to fight loss of sovereignty

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After a Supreme Court ruling gave Indigenous tribes sovereignty over eastern Oklahoma, the state’s Republican governor turned to Trump’s wrecking crew in an effort to pollute tribal lands. Ti-Hua Chang reports.

The Trump administration’s top environmental official has set a Monday deadline for Oklahoma tribes to weigh in on a proposal that could let the state dump hazardous waste—including everything from mercury to cancer-causing PCBs—on tribal lands, but at least one tribe told TYT on Friday that they hadn’t been notified.

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Discourse Blog: After Ginsburg

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In “some notes on our current hell,” Jack Mirkinson relates the cold reality of liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Sep. 18 death: that the GOP “will ram through the most acceptable young psychopath they can, and they will do it as soon as possible.” (I think they’ll do it in November or December, regardless of who wins the presidency.) Democrats must pack the court, he argues, given what looms ahead:

The right to a legal abortion feels as close to doomed as possible. Labor and environmental protections, attempts to expand the welfare state, any curbs on corporate power—good luck. What remains of the right to vote in this country just got even more precarious.

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Also on Ginsburg’s death:

  • David Sirota and Andrew Perez argue in TMI that if someone announces a 2022 primary of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), it might just be enough for him to…do something.

Katie Halper talks with Yale law professor Samuel Moyn about what Ginsburg’s death means:

Jewish Currents: Restoring the bipartisan consensus

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Joshua Liefer describes Kamala Harris’ cautiousness when it comes to Israel-Palestine policy and the Biden-Harris ticket’s AIPAC-friendly stance.

Harris’s positions on Israel/Palestine exemplify the same transactional, values-neutral style of politics perfected by Biden. Even as her party’s base has moved left, Harris has been careful to toe the AIPAC line on Israel, reciting the Israel-advocacy lobby’s approved script whenever prompted.

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Jacobin: Big Tech can’t save journalism. Democratic socialism can.

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As we watch Big Tech lay waste to the journalism industry, we must think hard about how to save it. This phenomenon is one of the main reasons we founded OptOut—we need ways to avoid corporate control of media and the corporate narratives with which they inundate us.

For Jacobin, Paris Marx makes the case for publicly-funded journalism.

What we need instead is a plan for public funding of the media that seeks to revive the ability to do more in-depth investigative reporting, can hold power to account, and places a priority on local journalism. There are many ways that could work.

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Image credit: Anthony Quintano/Flickr

The Airwaves

Means Morning News: Nationalize Boeing

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Every Thursday, the Two Sams (District Sentinel’s Sam Sacks and Sam Knight) put out their morning news program on OptOut partner Means TV, which I encourage everyone to support! But if you’re not a subscriber, you can hear the broadcast in podcast form on Fridays.

This week, the Sams delve into Boeing’s enormous government subsidies, U.S. support for Saudi atrocities, and Google’s destruction of local journalism.

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Upstream: Wendy Liu on abolishing Silicon Valley

Upstream host Della Duncan talks with Wendy Liu, author of Abolish Silicon Valley: How to Liberate Technology From Capitalism, a memoir and manifesto on how to transform the tech industry from the hypercapitalist culture of inequality, gentrification, and greed into something more equitable, accessible, and supportive.

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Brown Girl Green: The Brown Girl Wears Green

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Welcome to our newest partner, Brown Girl Green, a podcast hosted by Kristy Drutman, a Filipina-American climate activist who interviews diverse, boundary-pushing leaders and redefines what it means to be an “environmentalist” in the 21st century!

In this episode, Kristy explores if and why sustainable fashion is the way to move past throw-away culture and mass over-consumption of clothing in modern society. She talks with Samata, a British-Ghanaian fashion designer, author, and journalist.

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Office Hours Live with Tim Heidecker: News junkie Sam Seder is an uncooperative guest

After this hellweek, we could all use some humor. Watch comedian Tim Heidecker grill Ring of Fire Radio/Majority Report’s Sam Seder on Tim’s Office Hours Live, which also features DJ Douggpound and video whiz Vic Berger. Take notes, folks—it’s a master class in interviewing.

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Did you know OptOut also has original content?

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Listen to the latest from Gilded Age, the podcast about how and why we’re f*cked. In this cheery episode, Alex, Mark, and Walker take you through the Bay of Pigs and several other close shaves with nuclear annihilation.

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