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Another week has gone by. It’s been a tough one in the U.S., with increasing fascism and white nationalism from the White House, law enforcement, and their vigilante allies. I’m going to skip the usual intro and updates and get right into our news roundup, which will mostly focus on these issues.

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Discourse Blog: What 'law and order' really means

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Discourse Blog’s Jack Mirkinson explains that “law and order” is code for suppressing Black people so white folks feel comfortable. He delves into how Joe Biden is bowing to conservative pressure by condemning violence and property destruction at protests.

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Also on law and order:

Jacobin’s Luke Savage explores how Biden and his campaign are playing on Trump’s turf by, among other things, launching a $45 million ad campaign with the Democratic nominee lecturing us on what is and is not protesting.

But given Trump’s strategy for reelection and the state of public opinion vis-à-vis the issue of crime, the Democratic campaign’s apparent decision to pivot toward a law-and-order message of its own is as strategically foolish as it is morally contemptible.

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Also at Jacobin:

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What’s Left: Could the riots help Trump?

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Zeeshan Aleem offers an interesting analysis of protest violence and the presidential election, arguing that “Democratic hand-wringing over riots in Kenosha throwing the election to Trump may be overblown.”

The nature of public discourse on this matters quite a bit. Wasow—in both in his study and his remarks to me—has made the case for why news narratives are pivotal in shaping national consciousness, and there’s part of me that wonders if too much fretting by influential liberals in the run-up to the election could be a self-fulfilling prophesy.

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WhoWhatWhy: Trump can’t send troops to the polls, but he really wants to

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Trump and the GOP are planning a massive voter intimidation operation on Election Day, right out of the Jim Crow era. But while Trump might want to bring in armed troops to scare the shit out of liberal voters, WhoWhatWhy’s Gabriella Novello writes that, legally, he can’t.

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More on Trump doin’ crimes:

Just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean Trump can’t do it, however. Harry Cheadle, the creator of our new partner, What Went Wrong, analyzes why Trump gets away with breaking the law time and time again.

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Eyes on the Ties: Cuomo fundraises with Finger Lakes billionaires as austerity cuts drive upstate NY cities towards crisis

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Welcome to our new partner Eyes on the Ties, an excellent investigative reporting shop that exposes the role that corporate power plays in shaping public policy!

In non-cop news, Rob Galbraith details New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s  tradition of palling around with billionaires and gladly accepting their hefty campaign donations. Cuomo attended a recent fundraiser at the family compound of the Sands brothers, who run the liquor and cannabis conglomerate Constellation Brands.

Cuomo’s most recent feting by the billionaire brothers comes as the Governor stridently opposes implementing new taxes on the state’s ultra-wealthy, opting instead for draconian cuts to state spending in the absence of federal aid.

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Behind the News: 9/3/20

Doug Henwood brings on the Brennan Center’s Mike German to discuss white supremacists and cops and talks with Hadas Thier about Marxist economics.

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The Red Nation: Fascism, freedom, fiction with Arundhati Roy

Nick Estes talks with author Arundhati Roy about her new book of essays, Azadi.

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Struggle Session: OnlyFans with Rara Imler

Comedian and online sex worker Rara Imler joins Struggle Session to discuss Bella Thorne's brief stint with OnlyFans and the policies of the site itself.

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Tim Black: Ice Cube's Contract With Black America

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The Humanist Report: American Right-Wingers Think Property Matters More Than Human Lives

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Ring of Fire: Independent Creators Team Up To Take Down Corporate Media

Big thanks to Farron Cousins for having me on OptOut partner Ring of Fire to discuss this project!

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