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This weekend's newsletter covers the extradition of Julian Assange, Web3, Covid-19 disinformation, and other topics you should care about, reported by the numerous financially independent news outlets in the OptOut network.

But first, we have some news!

OptOut Adds Two News Curators

Thanks to your donations during Giving Tuesday week, we were able to hire two more news curators for next year! Many thanks to everyone who contributed and gave us a jump start on 2022. We're excited to introduce you to Trevor Beaulieu and Michael Sainato, who join Maria Bustillos, Cierra Hinton, Jacqueline Keeler, OptOut co-founder Walker Bragman, and me as the OptOut app's news curators.

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Trevor Beaulieu is a lawyer, podcaster, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. He hosts Champagne Sharks, a podcast that gives insights on current events, psychology, race, and social media. Follow him on Twitter at @ChampagneSharks.

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Michael Sainato is a contributor to The Guardian and a labor-focused journalist based in Gainesville, Florida. Follow him on Twitter @msainat1.

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Your Corporate Narrative Free-News Roundup From OptOut

Press Freedom Takes a Hit

Regardless of your feelings about Julian Assange the person, the Joe Biden administration will extradite him based on Trump-era charges of espionage for publishing secret government documents, a practice that's important for accountability journalism, and one that other publishers have employed.

According to Freedom of the Press Foundation, a publisher or a journalist had never been charged under the Espionage Act. "These new charges against him are unprecedented and threaten to criminalize national security reporting in the United States."

David Doel of The Rational National explains how dangerous this is.

Other OptOut network coverage:

"The Judicial Kidnapping of Julian Assange" (Counterpunch)
"DISGRACE: U.S. Wins Appeal to Extradite Julian Assange" (Status Coup)


Two outlets in the OptOut network have different takes on Web3, a relatively new way to publish and archive content online using blockchain technology.

On the pro side is Maria Bustillos, who writes in Brick House:

But in the heated dialogue around these new developments, both critics and cheerleaders of Web3 are making the same mistake: confusing a protocol that could be used for anything, by anybody, with a single purpose or system. Confusing the paper with what’s being written on it. The thing to remember is that there’s a fundamental, rock-solid difference between an open protocol that you don’t need permission to use (internet, HTML, crypto), and a private platform (Facebook, Discord, Substack).
Boom Times: Panic! At The Dawn of Web3 ⑉ Brick House
Web3 replaces secretive, top-down platforms, like Facebook and Google, with transparent, shared-ownership networks powered by blockchain.
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On the con side is Paris Marx, who speaks with software engineer Stephen Diehl about "why technologists are divided on crypto, what’s wrong with blockchain, why crypto assets are scams, and why Web3 is a rebranding effort" on his podcast, Tech Won't Save Us.

Web3 is a Scam, Not a Revolution w/ Stephen Diehl - Tech Won’t Save Us
Paris Marx is joined by Stephen Diehl to discuss why technologists are divided on crypto, what’s wrong with blockchain, why crypto assets are scams, and why web3 is a rebranding effort.Stephen Diehl is software engineer and crypto skeptic based in...
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Pandemic Fails

On Gilded Age, Harvard epidemiologist Justin Feldman joins Walker Bragman and me to fact check supposedly leftist Max Blumenthal's Grayzone article claiming that lockdowns don't work. The misinterpretations of sources, falsehoods, and conspiracies that Blumenthal includes in his article and his appearance on shock jock and ivermectin publicist Jimmy Dore's show were so numerous and bizarre that we thought a thorough debunking was called for.

It's also worth noting that in this video we show the strong ideological and financial ties between the figures behind the Great Barrington Declaration, a herd immunity treatise on which Blumenthal relies heavily, and the rightwing, libertarian Koch network. (Watch a short clip about this.)

For a very short version, watch this clip, in which Blumenthal's claims are so outrageous even Dore, a high-ranking conspiracy theorist, had to correct him (because otherwise YouTube would have taken down the video).

Walker Bragman and I joined Matt Binder the other night to continue discussing and debunking this Covid disinformation.

Walker also wrote a piece for The Daily Poster about New York Gov. Kathy Hochul's questionable and real estate industry-friendly push to end remote work as the Omicron variant rips through the state and winter nears.

“It’s Time To Get Back To The Office”
Facing a primary challenger and courting real estate interests, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is pushing to end remote work.
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And also in New York, Tana Ganeva reports for New York Focus on women prisoners at the notorious Rikers Island prison being relocated to a state prison, where they they face harsh conditions, far away from their families.

Women Sent from Rikers to Maximum-Security Prison: ‘They Treat Us Like State Property’ - New York Focus
Governor Hochul and Mayor de Blasio’s quixotic plan to relocate women from Rikers Island to the Bedford Hills state prison has prompted fierce opposition from women who insist they do not want to go.
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Labor and the Media

The New York Times continues its streak of union busting, as Defector's Laura Wagner describes.

Wirecutter Union Files Labor Grievance After “Vindictive” New York Times Withheld Holiday Pay | Defector
The Wirecutter Union says it has filed an unfair labor practice grievance with the National Labor Relations Board after the New York Times “illegally withheld holiday pay in retaliation for striking.” Staffers at Wirecutter, the product reviews website that was acquired by the New York Times in 2016…
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We agree with Eoin Higgins of The Flashpoint.

“A Strong Left Messaging Department”: The Necessity of Solidarity In Progressive Media
I talked to Power Report about post-left pundits and their shift to the right—and the need for solidarity in left-wing media
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In Other News

The Gravel Institute's latest video features law professor Chase Madar on credit scores.

Credit scores are a ubiquitous part of American life. Try to do anything at all – get housing, get a car, get anything that requires a loan – and you’ll be assessed based on a three-digit number that most people recognize as arbitrary and dumb. So what’s the origin of this weird system?

Felipe De La Hoz, the co-founder of BORDER/LINES, analyzes the poor corporate and legacy media coverage of immigration for FAIR.

Playing ‘Both Sides’ on Immigration Leaves Public in the Dark - FAIR
Immigration coverage suffers from a version of the same inane both sides-ism that permeates so much of political coverage in general.
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Scalawag speaks with jazz vocalist Nnenna Freelon about Black love over space, time, and music on her latest album, "Time Traveler."

Black love over space, time, and music
Six-time Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist and Durham philanthropist Nnenna Freelon on her latest album, “Time Traveler.”
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Despite public pronouncements to the contrary, oil giant Exxon is still acting as if we're not headed for a climate catastrophe, which it has played a major role in causing, HEATED reports.

Exxon is still denying climate science—including its own
An Exxon VP said climate change doesn’t pose “catastrophic, inevitable risk.” Exxon’s internal science says otherwise.
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That's it for this week. Thanks as always for following the excellent journalism of OptOut's 115 independent news outlets. See you soon!