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This edition of Weekend Picks will begin with stories that focus on the lives of people of color in and around the U.S. and finish with some other important news items.

Your Corporate Narrative-Free News Roundup

FAIR's Counterspin podcast discusses the U.S.'s discriminatory policies towards Haitian refugees.

In the wake of the horrifying front-page photos from September, the Biden administration says that the U.S. Border Patrol will no longer use horses to round up Haitian asylum seekers they are flushing out of makeshift shelters to send back over the border into Mexico, without the opportunity to present their case about the dangers they have spent, in many cases, years trying to escape. That may cut down on horrifying front-page photos, which is why it’s all the more important to ask what’s actually changing with regard to U.S. policy toward Haitian refugees. We talk about that with Nekessa Opoti, communications director at the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.
‘The Anti-Blackness of the US Is Extending to Black Asylum Seekers’ - FAIR
“Processing people and allowing them to come into the country is the best public health policy.”
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The U.S. borders are open for non-essential travel, but they're still closed to migrants who have waited many months to seek asylum here, writes BORDER/LINES.

Border reopens to tourism, but asylum seekers are left out—11-12-21
Immigration news, in context
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The Real News Network, which is based in Baltimore, reports on the city police force's persistent bias against Black residents.

Black neighborhoods in Baltimore continue to endure the most car stops
In a follow-up to Battleground Baltimore’s August reporting, Councilperson Ryan Dorsey calls attention to ‘implicit bias’ in traffic policing.
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The Red Nation Podcast host Jennifer Marley joins Red Power Hour host Melanie Yazzie and TRN comrades Kiley Guy and Tara Begay to break down the week of climate action known as “People Versus Fossil Fuels” that took place in Washington D.C. following #IndigenousPeoplesDay 2021.

Listen to the episode and watch a clip.

An article in Prism examines the lack of workforce equity, and how to achieve it.

Across economic booms and busts, BIPOC workers are persistently overrepresented in low-wage, less stable, and often physically tasking jobs, while underrepresented in jobs that offer higher wages, opportunities for upward mobility, and fewer physical risks. The inverse is true for white workers. At every education level, white workers make higher hourly wages and have lower unemployment rates compared to the BIPOC workforce. The effects of COVID-19 exacerbated these gaps.
Building a workforce equity agenda starts with dismantling white supremacy - Prism
Federal programs providing workplace development and training must reflect the needs of BIPOC workers and create measurable results in racial equity.
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Speaking of white supremacy, on the latest SH!TPOST podcast, Jared Holt interviews an undercover journalist about her experience in far-right Trumpworld over the last year.

A Year in MAGA (11/12/21) ft/ Amanda Moore
Listen now (29 min) | Amanda spent a year undercover documenting pro-Trump communities and subcultures. She joins the show to talk about her experience.
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The very segregated Metropolitan Opera "has ended its 138-year epoch of composer apartheid," presenting Terence Blanchard's "Fire Shut Up In My Bones." Scalawag writes about the opera and invites four Black, Louisiana-based opera and theater directors and performers to discuss the production.

Based on the coming of age memoir by Charles M. Blow, the three-act opera, originally commissioned and developed by Opera Theatre of St. Louis, is set in Gibsland, Louisiana. The story plays out there and on the campus of Grambling State University, in the soft segregation years after Jim Crow had officially ended, but when Black provincial life was still lived separately under a seemingly open sky of largely foreclosed opportunity.
Black opera stuns America’s most segregated stage
Over 180 years after New Orleans’ first Black performances, Terence Blanchard’s ‘Fire Shut Up In My Bones’ is a breakthrough that’s long overdue.
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In Other News

Congress passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill, and the Democratic Party's alleged agenda, the Build Back Better plan, seems farther and farther from reality. The Republican-led Congressional Budget Office is faithfully performing its duty to give politicians an excuse to scale back an already scaled-back reconciliation package. Reporters at The Daily Poster found that the CBO is even ignoring its own projections and corporate Democrats are using an accounting gimmick to lie about the effects of a SALT deduction cap repeal.

Lies, Damn Lies, And CBO Statistics
The GOP-led Congressional Budget Office is using gimmicks and fuzzy math to doom the Democrats’ Build Back Better bill.
Post image alt text

The Nation's John Nichols joins The Bitchuation Room to explain how Dems are once again ignoring recent American history that shows people really like big social spending programs, and that recent leaders who refused to go big set back the party for years.

"It's like watching Charlie Brown and Lucie with football," says Nichols.

Ex-NYT opinion editor, "Intellectual Dark Web" publicist, and anti-Palestine zealot Bari Weiss has a new project: a "university" (that's not accredited and doesn't offer courses) staffed and advised by "a murderer’s row of censorious right-wing activists," as The Flashpoint's Eoin Higgins writes.

Despite the aspiring school's claims of "fierce" political and financial independence," its roster of advisers and founding faculty members are mostly jilted writers, cancelled professors, and right-wing think tank figures who see themselves as free speech martyrs at time of dangerous "wokeness."

Latest Right-Wing Hustle Is Starting a “University” That Promises “Forbidden Courses”
Bari Weiss and a lineup of right-wing hacks and charlatans are bilking donors out of cash for a school that doesn’t exist
Post image alt text

In corporate media news, Jewish Currents' David Klion analyzes Politico's new German owner's requirement that its employees "support...the right of existence of the State of Israel" and "uphold the principles of a free market economy."

Axel Springer is only making explicit what mainstream media organizations in the US very often treat as their implicit ideology. If you’ve ever watched CNN or read The Washington Post, to name two examples among many, you’ve no doubt encountered robust statements supportive of Israel, NATO, or capitalism from journalists who insist that they are studiously neutral, non-partisan, and non-ideological—because those are all widely regarded within the industry as common sense, rather than as contestable positions.
Will Politico ’s New Owner Allow Criticism of Israel?
German media giant Axel Springer demands that its employees support Israel, capitalism, and NATO.
Post image alt text

To wrap up this roundup, let's take a look at some corporate propaganda! Samantha Grasso writes about the cringeworthy Terry Crews Amazon ad for Discourse Blog.

The Amazon Propaganda Machine Is Firing On All Cylinders
Amazon’s use of Terry Crews is the latest in its efforts to manipulate people into believing that it doesn’t deserve a tarnished reputation.
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