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I don't have to tell you this, but last week was an absolutely horrible week. The biggest news wasn't more revelations about Trump's coup attempt. It wasn't the rightwing Supreme Court invalidating a 130-year-old New York law preventing people from carrying concealed guns. It was, of course, SCOTUS taking us back 50 years by removing the federal right to abortion.

Outlets in our growing independent media network covered these and other issues extensively, so let's hear from them about this abominable week. We are watching the U.S. crumble in real time, and we at OptOut are grateful that so many news organizations that pull no punches, tell things as they are, and answer only to readers are here to help guide us through these difficult times.

Your Independent News Roundup

The End of Roe

In PROGRESS REPORT, Jordan Zakarin explains what happened, and that this is just the beginning for the Supreme Court's "fundamentalist reactionaries."

The Dobbs decision itself does far more than just overturn the right to abortion, though the loss of those rights and the incalculable harms to come are enough to constitute a full-blown national emergency. Alito’s screed also strips Americans of the right to privacy, putting any personal freedoms not mentioned in the 233-year-old Bill of Rights in the legal crosshairs.
The floodgates have opened. The civil war is here.
Roe has been overturned, and so has life as we know it.
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PROGRESS REPORT created an easy way for you to donate to dozens of abortion funds.

While congressional Democrats sang "God Bless America," people understood the gravity of the situation were protesting in the streets. In New York City, reports HELL GATE's Sydney Pereira, protesters packed Washington Square Park in Manhattan.

"Now I see that I'm in the wrong country," Espinal, 50, said. As a grandmother and a mother, she wants her kids to have the freedom of choice—to do and be whatever they want. "This is betrayal from what we stand for, supposedly. I feel sad and angry."
‘I Can’t Afford to Give Up Hope’: NYC Enters the Post-Roe Era
“We have to imagine a better future for everyone.”
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Also on the topic of protest, DEFECTOR had a relevant piece in May.

What has been proven true, throughout history, is that asking politely for what you want does not work. To fight for equity and liberty and personal agency, there is always a risk. It is not as comfortable to resist as it is to tweet, but it does work.
The Difference Between Protest And Resistance | Defector
What happens when we are faced with a complete erosion of our right to be whole in the eyes of the law, and the same politicians who have failed us again and again ask for our votes? When do we stop begging the people in power to listen to us, and force them to?
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KATIE HALPER interviews Yale law professor Samuel Moyn about the Dobbs decision. Plus, Marianne Williamson joins the conversation—and doesn't rule out running for president again in 2024.

Here's an op-ed you won't see in The New York Times (from DISCOURSE BLOG).

Fuck This Country
It’s hard to shake the feeling that there are now more ways to die than to live in America.
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There's a sliver of hope: progressive officials in the South and around the country plan to do what they can to protect abortion rights, reports Elisha Brown for FACING SOUTH.

Progressive officials in Southern cities vow to protect abortion access
District attorneys and city councils in the South are taking steps to safeguard access to abortion now that the U.S. Supreme Court has struck down Roe v. Wade — but their stances could ignite a battle over preemption.
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Dems Do Nothing

Congressional Democrats have had decades to codify Roe v. Wade into law and haven't—not even during the last 18 months when they've controlled Congress and the executive branch. Instead, they're begging Biden to take some kind of executive action, having already given up on the president using his immense power to pressure Manchin and Sinema to ditch the filibuster to protect the health care rights of more than half of the country.

Meanwhile, House Dems found the fortitude to donate to the campaign of their anti-choice colleague, Henry Cuellar of Texas. In fact, the top leadership, including Nancy Pelosi and Hakeem Jeffries, who may become the next House speaker, gave thousands to Cuellar's campaign and helped him squeak out a victory against progressive challenger Jessica Cisneros. SLUDGE reports:

Here Are the Congressional Democrats Who Donated to Anti-Choice Dem Henry Cuellar
Facing a strong primary challenge from pro-choice Jessica Cisneros, anti-abortion Democrat Henry Cuellar secured crucial campaign support from at least 18 Democratic incumbents.
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Eoin Higgins documents voters' anger over the impotent Democrats in The Flashpoint. Perhaps, finally, the party's base is truly fed up with the out-of-touch party leaders and are more open to people-powered challengers.

“It Feels Like They Couldn’t Care Less”: Democrats Under Fire After Overturning of Roe
“They’re not going to fight because they aren’t the people impacted”
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David Sirota, founder of THE LEVER and Bernie Sanders' former speechwriter, thinks so, writing, "Yes, there are signs that at this dangerously late hour, normie Democratic voters may finally have had enough of this shit."

It Is Time For Dems To Fear Their Own Voters
We’re here because GOP politicians fear their base, while Democratic politicians don’t. That must change.
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Speaking of changing the system, THE LEVER's podcast, LEVER TIME, shows us how to build a third party by speaking with two successful candidates who bucked the two-party system.

LISTEN: How To Build A Third Party
On this week’s Lever Time, two third-party candidates explain how they won office by challenging the duopoly.
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Last weekend was Pride weekend in New York City, San Francisco, and many other cities.

On the TRANSLASH podcast, Imara Jones reflects on the violence of erasure she experienced growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, and reminisces about her pre-covid Pride traditions. Listen on Google, Spotify, or Apple:

‎TransLash Podcast with Imara Jones: BONUS: Audio Pride Parade on Apple Podcasts
‎Show TransLash Podcast with Imara Jones, Ep BONUS: Audio Pride Parade - Jun 26, 2022
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In Lansing, Michigan, a Pride rally at the state Capitol was bittersweet, reports MICHIGAN ADVANCE.

The event — the first in-person Pride at the Capitol since 2019 — took place in the face of a renewed right-wing push against LGBTQ+ rights, the likes of which has not been seen in years, and on the heels of a Supreme Court ruling that on Friday toppled the landmark Roe v. Wade decision on abortion rights.
Capitol Pride strikes chord of resistance in newly post-Roe Michigan ⋆ Michigan Advance
The tone at the Michigan Capitol in Lansing was as defiant as it was celebratory, with more than 200 members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community gathering Sunday for a Pride rally on the seventh anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage. The event — the first in-person Pride…
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Other STATES NEWSROOM outlets covered events in their states including Colorado.

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