This week, Important Context, OptOut's official news outlet, published a piece by journalist Tina Desiree-Berg about the emerging alliance between pro-Israel Jews and America's more traditional far-right extremists, including white and Christian nationalists. As pro-Palestine protests emerge on college campuses across the country in response to Israel's increasingly brutal war in Gaza, these seemingly unlikely allies have joined together to counter-demonstrate and even commit acts of violence.

The story is an absolute must-read.

“I’m Not Sure What to Make of It”: Zionist Jews and Far-Right Rally Together
Pro-Palestinian student demonstrations have seen an unlikely alliance between Israel-supporting Jews and far-right extremists.
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War On Gaza

On Monday, news broke that the International Criminal Court prosecutor was seeking arrest warrants related to the ongoing war in Gaza for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, as well as members of Hamas' leadership including Ismail Haniyeh. COUNTERPUNCH had a good explainer of the situation.

On the ICC’s Announcement of Arrest Warrants for Netanyahu, Gallant and Hamas’ Leadership
The decision to announce these applications for arrest warrants prior to their formal approval may have been motivated by a sense that the conditions under which the people of Gaza are striving to survive are deteriorating so rapidly and horrifically that there is no time to waste and by a hope that…
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News of the arrest warrant applications sparked condemnation from the Biden administration, which has been supporting Netanyahu's government despite massive political pressure as it commits what international observers allege are war crimes. JACOBIN had a good take on the White House response.

Biden Should Stop Attacking the International Criminal Court
The ICC seeking arrest warrants for Israeli leaders is a major step forward for international law. US officials’ attacks on the ICC are a major step backward for US global standing.
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While President Biden was frustrated by the ICC, his 2020 political rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders welcomed the news as STATUS COUP noted.

Bernie Applauds Arrest Warrant for Netanyahu, College Workers’ STRIKE Over Police Crackdown
Ron Placone is Live discussing the ICC Arrest Warrant, the Free Palestine movement and more
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The move by the ICC to pursue warrants against a U.S. ally promises to have significant impact, representing a major shift in international law, as was reported in THE INTERCEPT.

Can a U.S. Ally Actually Be Held Accountable for War Crimes in the ICC?
International Criminal Court warrants against Israeli officials could restrict travel — and their patrons in the U.S. would be pressured over continued arms sales.
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Supreme Woes

The right-wing Supreme Court swatted down an effort by conservatives to abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with a fringe legal theory. The ruling 7-2 ruling was rebuke of the Trump-stacked Fifth Circuit, which had backed the effort to kill the agency. THE NEW REPUBLIC reported.

Even the Right-Wing Supreme Court Has Its Limits
Led by Clarence Thomas, the justices overwhelmingly rejected an outlandish conservative attempt to abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
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But it was not all good news this week from the Court. In a blow to voting rights, the right-wing majority overruled a lower court ruling that South Carolina had illegally gerrymandered its voting maps based on race as opposed to partisanship. STATES NEWSROOM had the story.

U.S. Supreme Court throws out SC racial gerrymandering ruling • Wisconsin Examiner
The U.S. Supreme Court overruled a lower court that found illegal racial gerrymandering in South Carolina voting maps.
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Justice Clarence Thomas, who has accepted numerous billionaire-funded luxury trips, wrote separately, agreeing with most of the majority's reasoning, but going even further. THE NEW REPUBLIC had a good explainer.

Clarence Thomas Is a Big Fan of Racial Gerrymandering
In a Supreme Court decision siding with South Carolina Republicans, the right-wing justice took the opportunity to attack landmark civil rights rulings that protected Black voters’ political representation.
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Meanwhile, Justice Samuel Alito, who has also accepted a luxury trip from a major GOP donor, came under fire this month for flying an upside down American flag on his property, a distress symbol adopted by Donald Trump's "Stop the Steal" movement. THE NATION had a good take from Chris Lehmann.

Samuel Alito Brings the Culture War to His Own Front Yard
The Supreme Court justice had an upside-down flag flying at his home, in an apparent reference to the “Stop the Steal” campaign.
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But this week, news broke that he'd also flown another flag associated with Trump's efforts to remain in power despite losing the election. THE NEW REPUBLIC had that story as well.

Are You Serious?! Samuel Alito Flew Yet Another January 6 Flag
The “Appeal to Heaven” flag was spotted last summer at his vacation home in New Jersey.
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