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It’s insane that the fossil fuel industry is raking in record profits while the world keeps barreling toward a climate catastrophe. But that’s the planet we live on: where the plight of gas stoves is more important than the coral reefs that are dying en masse from overheating oceans.

The dire consequences of filling our atmosphere with planet-warming greenhouse gasses is not a futuristic, post-apocalyptic scenario. Even in the U.S., people are already being forced to choose whether to stay in their communities and face the next devastating flood or wildfire or flee to more climate-friendly environments—that is, if they can afford to move. Some cities, such as Buffalo and Cincinnati, have even begun marketing themselves as havens for these climate migrants.

Two recent articles put the spotlight on U.S. climate migration and the consequences for the country.

THE AMERICAN PROSPECT reviews a new book by journalist Jake Bittle, The Great Displacement: Climate Change and the Next American Migration, where the author visits various communities to meet people who uprooted their lives because of extreme weather.

“Bittle is at his finest as a chronicler of the loss of place and the sense of belonging, and the frustration that financial constraints pose for the victims of natural disasters,” writes Gabrielle Gurley.

Americans’ Climate Migration Has Begun
The first generation of climate migrants tries to cling to the places they call home, but bureaucrats, wallets, and an overheating planet have the final say.
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In THE NATION, Daniel Aldana Cohen and Samantha Schuyler examine how climate migration could be the future of Florida, where Miami is slowly submerging as ocean levels rise due to climate change. “The scale will be vast,” they write of the coming American migration. “In the U.S., we should aspire to resettle tens of millions of climate migrants in the coming decades.”

Should We Start Preparing for the Evacuation of Miami?
Daniel Aldana Cohen argues that planning the withdrawal from Miami would force other places to get serious about hosting climate migrants, while Samantha Schuyler says Miami can still become a model of adaptation.
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Welcome, Food & Environment Reporting Network!

We’re excited to welcome the Food & Environment Reporting Network to the OptOut independent news network. FERN, as it’s known, is an award-winning nonprofit news organization that focuses on food, agriculture, and the environment. In addition to explanatory features, the organization produces podcasts and the subscription-only Ag Insider.

Check out a couple recent stories from the network:

Extreme weather creates a food crisis for California farmworkers | Food and Environment Reporting Network
The Food and Environment Reporting Network · Why extreme weather is making it hard for California farmworkers to put food on their own tables On a brisk afternoon in mid-January, Eloy Ortiz is pacing…
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Trouble at sea | Food and Environment Reporting Network
It’s late July and I’m standing with Daniel Schindler at the mouth of Sam Creek, a small tributary of western Alaska’s Bristol Bay, home to the largest wild sockeye salmon fishery in the world.
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Fossil fuels, footballs, and whales

The world wouldn’t have footballs without the fossil fuel industry—at least, that’s what oil and gas companies want you to believe.

In an absurd effort to promote their planet-destroying products, fossil fuel producers are turning to a new message: The world you know wouldn’t exist without them.

The subject got national attention when The Daily Show satirized a recent TV commercial by an energy company claiming that everything from footballs to hair gel simply couldn’t exist without petroleum products.

DRILLED showcases a number of ads from fossil fuel companies with the same message in a preview of its “petroganda” library.

Fossil Fuel Industry Leans In To Its Favorite Message: You Can’t Live If Living Is Without Us
For the past year or so the Drilled team has been compiling a (soon-to-be-launched!) online archive of fossil fuel industry PR and marketing, everything from placed op-eds and shareholder reports to slick ads and goofy social media posts. A lot of it was hanging out in my office or on
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HEATED also examines how this message is circulating in ads and talks to experts about the potential of sustainability in sports.

Fearmongering over footballs
The fossil fuel industry says footballs couldn’t exist without oil. It’s a lie designed to prevent us from imagining a more sustainable world.
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Oil companies are making the argument that “modern life’s pleasures couldn’t exist without fossil fuels,” Emily Atkin and Arielle Samuelson write. “It’s designed to convince Americans that solving climate change would be far more painful than allowing climate change to worsen.”

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As if it wasn’t bad enough that fossil fuel companies are trying to make us believe their products are essential, they are also working behind the scenes to smear offshore wind development, claiming that windmills are killing whales. That’s the bizarre twist behind a rightwing narrative being spun on Fox News and spread by corporate media, according to FAIR.

The media watchdog scrutinizes the sources behind this whale of a story, finding that the oil lobby played a large role in propagating it.

Oil Lobby Prompts Right-Wing Media to Save Whales—From Wind Power - FAIR
Media complicity in using feigned concern for dead whales to shield fossil fuel interests undermines genuine environmental activism.
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In Brief

Don't miss last week's podcast of my interview with political scientist Christian Downie about how fossil fuel trade associations work to block climate action.

Podcast: How Fossil Fuel Trade Groups Obstruct Climate Action
Climate news that’s sponsored by you, not Chevron. Honest, independent, and curated by experts.
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The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to make a decision in the case of Suncor v. Boulder County, which could be a turning point in climate litigation that has stalled for several years, GRIST reports.

How the Supreme Court could finally force Big Oil to face trial
Dozens of lawsuits alleging that oil giants deceived the public are in limbo.
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A new study points to insurance as a way to address the costs of climate risk and adaptation, EOS reports.

The Role of Insurance in Climate Adaption - Eos
New research tests the promise of insurance to harden the U.S. economy to tropical storms.
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Despite the punishing atmospheric river storms that hit California earlier this year, Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed cutting billions from the state’s climate adaptation and response budget, CAPITAL & MAIN reports.

Even After Floods Hit State, California Plans Cuts To Climate Investments
Lawmakers will have to resist inertia and oil and gas influence as the climate crisis worsens.
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