There are about a million publishing platforms these days, and each comes with its own way for you to subscribe to and support the news that matters to you. Since we've been only using one subscription-based platform (Ghost CMS), we've probably been limiting our paid subscriber reach.

So OptOut is now on Patreon! We'll post everything we post here on Patreon, too, so if that's your preferred platform, please head over there and sign up for $5/month or more.

Most of our budget comes from donations from individuals like you. None of it comes from corporations or investors. In order to keep our newsletters and app free, and to continue expanding our work to elevate the best independent news outlets, inform the public, and inspire positive social change, we need your financial support.

In recent weeks we've recruited a number of fantastic news outlets to our network, including The New Republic, Common Dreams, The Narwhal, +972 Magazine, YES! Media, More Perfect Union, and Religion Dispatches! We're excited to share and curate their content for you.

If you're not supporting us through this newsletter, via ActBlue, PayPal, or other means, perhaps you'll want to subscribe on Patreon.

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Alex Kotch
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