The OptOut Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity that was founded in 2020 to help independent media outlets compete with the corporate giants. Our long-term goal is to advance democracy and social justice by distributing vital independent news content.

Our app, available for iOS and Android, has been downloaded over 10,000 times and aggregates content from over 170 financially independent, trustworthy news outlets. Our newsletters go out to over 5,000 organic subscribers. Find out more about OptOut on our websites and app.

The OptOut Media Foundation is a nonprofit charity that began as a volunteer project. Now our staff consists of volunteers and paid contractors. Our small budget allows us to pay $40/hour across the board for limited hours.

People from historically marginalized communities are strongly encouraged to apply for all positions. The news industry needs much more diversity, equity, and inclusion, and DEI is essential to all aspects of the OptOut Media Foundation.


OptOut began as an entirely volunteer organization, and some core members of our team still work as volunteers. We are always eager to bring more volunteers into our project. If you're interested in helping with any aspect of OptOut, please let us know at jobs@optout.news.