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If you haven’t checked our latest Global South Corner yet, you can do so on our Instagram. This time, I spoke with Indigenous lawyer Ivo Makuxi about the so-called “Marco Temporal”, a legal thesis that threatens Indigenous rights to their ancestral lands, and about what that has to do with the climate crisis.

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As the presidential election nears, the Biden administration has been racing to approve as many climate rules as possible just in case he won’t be in office again in 2025. In April, announcements happened on a near-daily basis, Gas Outlook reports. Regulations included blocking oil and gas in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve (NPRA); fuel-economy standards for passenger vehicles; funding for residential solar programmes; and requiring chemical companies to pay for the clean-up of PFAS, the so-called “forever chemicals."

At the same time, however, red states are attempting to undermine climate justice. Republican attorneys filed a petition to stop the EPA from taking race into account in investigations of civil rights complaints to regulate pollution. For advocates, given that policies can, even if unwittingly, disproportionately affect demographic groups, this would strip the EPA of an important avenue for addressing climate injustices, Grist reports.

Meanwhile, by resorting to fracking, oil and gas companies across the U.S. are making some communities even more radioactive than Chernobyl. You can learn more about it in DeSmog’s interview with award-winning investigative journalist Justin Nobel, who exposed this situation in his new book Petroleum-238.

On a happier note, the time to tax the rich might have finally arrived. During the G20 summit in Washington D.C., Nobel Prize-winning economist Esther Duflo proposed a climate tax for global corporations and billionaires. The money, set to be used for climate adaptation, would be sent directly to the individuals on the front line of the climate crisis in the most affected countries, Heated reports.


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Decolonizing Climate Change

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Around the World

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To Lighten Your Heart

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Before you go, if you want to learn how to talk about the climate crisis at your family’s Sunday dinner table, check out DeSmog’s piece “A Vaccine for Climate Misinformation”.


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