Last month, we crossed the decade anniversary of the crisis, which saw nearly 100,000 residents of Flint, Michigan, a predominantly Black city, exposed to high concentrations of lead in the water. The crisis was brought on by what was in essence a privatization scheme.

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This week, we have an exclusive interview for you with STATUS COUP founder Jordan Chariton, who has a new documentary out about the Flint Water Crisis called “Flint Fatigue” and an upcoming book, “We The Poisoned: Exposing the Flint Water Crisis Cover Up and the Poisoning of 100,000 Americans.”

STATUS COUP has been reporting on Flint since the crisis became public and has made numerous trips to the city to get the story—even long after the legacy media cameras had left. This work by Chariton and his crew has been essential in keeping the story alive and giving residents a national audience.

In our interview, we asked Chariton about this work and how it has been running a small media outlet focused heavily on a story that many Americans have simply memory-holed. We hope you enjoy!

You can watch the documentary here.

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