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This week the OptOut independent news network came together to hold the legacy and corporate media accountable for their decades-long complicity with big polluters.

More than 20 outlets and news leaders signed on to an op-ed written by Popula founder Maria Bustillos and me, featuring original reporting by climate journalist Amy Westervelt (DRILLED) and video production by Spencer Snyder. We published it in this newsletter and our website, and a number of other participants including POPULA, SLUDGE, DRILLED, COUNTERPUNCH, DISCOURSE BLOG, WELCOME TO HELL WORLD, RIFT MAGAZINE, and POWER AND POP CULTURE co-published. THE RATIONAL NATIONAL put out a great analysis of what we uncovered.

Corporate Media Must Stop Making Ads for Fossil Fuel Companies
Even now, when scientists say we’ve done irreversible damage to our planet, corporate and legacy news outlets won’t give up the fossil fuel dollars.
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Here's the video. Watch this to learn about the origin of the advertorial, a collaboration between Mobil Oil and The New York Times to boost the brand of the major polluter and the paper's profits.

This kind of vital issue is THE reason we created the OptOut network and app. People like you need a news ecosystem you can trust—without financial conflicts of interest, corporate bias, fealty to government sources, and false equivalence. Over almost two years, we're proud to say that our network is now 150 outlets strong and still growing, and nearly 8,000 devices have downloaded our iOS app.

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We decided to release the iOS app first because of an early survey of this newsletters' recipients; the majority were iPhone users. We're a scrappy group of volunteers and contractors, so things can take time, and we wanted to get an app out the door sooner rather than later. We never expected or intended for it to take this long to get our Android app online.

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Your Independent News Roundup

This week's roundup focuses on climate change and includes additional news and analysis of additional recent Supreme Court decisions and other topics.

More on Climate

Here's what else is going on with climate change and Big Oil.

In DRILLED, Westervelt analyzes the Supreme Court's decision in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a preemptive decision blocking the Biden administration from enacting the Clean Power Plan without congressional approval. It doesn't restrict the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions in general, but the decision's rationale does not bode well for those interested in, you know, making sure profit-driven corporations don't get to do every single thing they want, no matter the human cost.

What the reference here makes very clear is that the justices plan to keep invoking “major questions” doctrine in their effort to dismantle the “administrative state,” which includes every federal agency that drafts and enforces regulations based on laws passed by Congress.
Supreme Negligence
Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court preemptively ruled that the Biden administration can’t enact the Clean Power Plan—or anything else that would force a shift to lower-emission energy sources—without approval from Congress. You read that correctly: preemptively ruled. The case the court chose to he…
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The Biden administration sure is sending mixed messages about the importance of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Being on the climate-friendly side of the SCOTUS case didn't stop it, four days after the decision, from proposing up to 10 new oil and gas drilling sites in the Gulf of Mexico and one off the coast of Alaska. (The proposal is now open for public comment and could result in anywhere from 0 to 11 new sites.)

Biden wants to lower gas prices (this won't happen quickly) and decrease our reliance on foreign oil (see: Europe and Russia), but might a managed decline (see the video below) of the oil industry plus big investments in renewable energy solve these problems, and slow climate change, not worsen it?

The NEW JERSEY MONITOR published this piece produced by STATES NEWSROOM.

5 big questions about the new Biden plan for offshore oil and gas leases - New Jersey Monitor
A federal agency has proposed a five-year plan for up to 11 new offshore oil and gas sites in the Gulf of Mexico and off Alaska’s coast.
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The ALASKA BEACON explains what the proposed drill site would mean there.

Biden adminstration offshore oil plan envisions a single Cook Inlet sale - Alaska Beacon
A new five-year offshore oil leasing plan proposed by the Biden administration envisions a single Alaska sale, in Cook Inlet in 2026.
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Speaking of gas, are the currently high prices inevitable because of Russia's war in Ukraine, the U.S.'s rocky relationship with Saudi Arabia, and unstoppable inflation? Perhaps somewhat, but the GRAVEL INSTITUTE has an informative video showing that the high prices are due in part to fossil fuel investors pressuring oil and gas companies not to expand production so they can make more—or, at least, lose less—money.

At OptOut, we are committed to bringing you independent news coverage of today's most important issues, including climate change. The uncompromising news outlets in our network give you honest reporting and diverse perspectives while critiquing the dominant narratives that the corporate and legacy media produce.

OptOut is a nonprofit charity, and we are raising funds that will allow us to become a sustainable organization. Please consider donating $5/month or $55/year, or making a one-time donation to the OptOut Media Foundation, to help us succeed. Join us in our mission to elevate independent media and accurately inform the public!

In Other News

For IN THESE TIMES, Hamilton Nolan argues that in these dire times, pragmatism has no place.

On a normal day, you wouldn’t dive out of a fifth floor window into the river below — but if your building was on fire, that would become the most reasonable choice. What was once radical can quickly become rational, when the world is burning.
Radical Is Now Rational
When reality changes, only fools don’t change with it.
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THE RED NATION PODCAST brings another troubling Supreme Court ruling under the microscope.

The Supreme Court recently ruled against Tribal sovereignty in Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta. Cherokee journalist Rebecca Nagle talks about the broader implications of this decision and what it means for future legal battles.

You can also listen to this program wherever you get your podcasts, including of the OptOut iOS app!

In yet another rough Supreme Court ruling, it's actually ok to combine church and state—at least, if you want to do a Christian prayer before a football game. Dave Zirin, THE NATION's sports editor, talks with host Janine Jackson on COUNTERSPIN, the podcast of FAIR, about what this decision means.

‘They Painted a Narrative of This Coach Looking for a Quiet Corner to Pray’ - FAIR
“There is a political movement in this country that’s playing for keeps. They don’t care how nice you’re going to be about it.”
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After Roe v. Wade's demise, women need digital privacy more than ever. On THE BITCHUATION ROOM, host Francesca Fiorentini talks with Laurie Bertram Roberts, executive director of the Yellowhammer Fund, about the issue.

Why are there so many LGBTQ people in prison? RATTLING THE BARS podcast host Mansa Musa speaks with New York historian Hugh Ryan to explain the phenomenon.

Why are so many LGBTQ people incarcerated in the US?
At least 40% of people incarcerated in American women’s prisons today identify as LGBTQ, and that’s actually a low estimate. The policing of LGBTQ people is baked into the prison-industrial complex.
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In the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson was forced to step down as prime minister because of a series of scandals. Why can't the U.S. have that same level of accountability, asks Sasha Abramsky in THE NATION—a recent addition to the OptOut ranks!

The UK Held Corruption Accountable. Why Can’t We?
Despite an extraordinary effort by Boris Johnson to cling to power, the parliamentary system and the principles of collective responsibility within the cabinet have held firm.
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We're living in tough times, so this newsletter can be a downer. But there are some potential positives around the bend, too. In PROGRESS REPORT, Jordan Zakarin writes that important issues are on the ballots in several states, and activists are motivated.

Activism is the only reason that things ever get better
Even in DC, where they inspired the right to congregate and eat dinner
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In other good news if you don't want Trump and leading neo-Nazis back on Twitter, you might be in luck: Elon Musk backed out of his deal to buy the social media platform, plus he's in legal trouble. Here's THE RATIONAL NATIONAL:

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