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At long last, OptOut News is available for Android!

Thank you for your patience as we developed the app and got through an unexpectedly long approval process. You can now download our app for your Android device on the Google Play Store:

We are thrilled that Android users around the world can now access our free news aggregation app, which distributes essential news content from more than 150 financially independent news outlets.

Thanks go to the Progressive Coders Network, a group of talented tech activists who embraced this project and for many months worked as volunteers to create this innovative news aggregation app.

We need your help to truly challenge corporate media.

Now that you've got the app on our phone, please help us grow by giving the app a 5-star rating! This is really important when an app launches.

Please also SHARE the app store link with your family and friends, on social, or on any other channel you can!

With your help, we'll get our financially independent and trustworthy media ecosystem in front of as many people as possible. We are working to have a more informed public and a healthier independent news industry, and to diminish the influence of corporate and legacy media bias on our discourse.

We can't do this without you. Thank you!!

The OptOut Team

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