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Brooklyn, N.Y. — The OptOut Media Foundation, a nonprofit charity dedicated to informing the public through financially independent news content, launched its free new aggregation app for Android on July 12.

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The innovative news app seamlessly integrates articles, podcasts, and videos from financially independent, trustworthy sources. Over 8,000 devices have downloaded the iOS version of the app since its launch in mid-March.

"We are thrilled that Android users around the world can now access our free news aggregation app, which distributes essential news content from more than 150 financially independent news outlets," said Alex Kotch, co-founder and executive director of the OptOut Media Foundation. "This is a huge step toward achieving our goal of cultivating a more informed public, a healthier independent news industry, and a diminished influence of corporate and legacy media bias on our discourse.

Credit goes to the Progressive Coders Network, a group of talented tech activists who embraced this project and for many months worked as volunteers to create this innovative news aggregation app.

Kotch is available for interviews.

The OptOut Media Foundation (EIN: 85-2348079) is a nonprofit charity with a mission to educate the public about current events and help sustain a diverse media ecosystem by promoting and assisting independent news outlets and, in doing so, advance democracy and social justice.

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